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5 comments on “Hello and Welcome to the TTW!

  1. Hey there:
    Well it looks like this works not too bad… there are a lot of things I have yet to figure out… mostly what the heck I am doing!
    I am making this page as I have a YouTube channel and I think that the two should blend together well…. at least that is my opinion! You will be able to determine whether that happens or not! Or maybe it’s me! Maybe I just have to what I can and see what happens!
    One of the things I wanted to be able to do with this site .. is make available all the music that I use in the background of my YouTube videos so that if anybody should like to download it… it is there to do so!
    I have also added Sounds of Nature and Sound Effects files that can be downloaded as well. There are lots of places to download these kinds of things… but I figured that one that is free and all the sounds have been recorded by me… I’ll have sounds that others won’t!
    I have included a gallery of other things that I have done… From the Wood turning to Artwork to Photography… Just a sharing of the things that make me tick!
    I hope that you have an enjoyable wander and I hope to keep producing things that could be of interest to you. If there are things that are missing… by all means let me know! There is a lot more than a little bit that I don’t know about this!
    Thanks for looking in

  2. Well here it another day closer to Christmas and everything is starting to come together! Videos are rather lacking these days but we will make up for it in the coming year. The chemo may slow me down a little but I will still get them out as often as I can. Having 3 different channels may present a problem or two (or Three) but we will keep plugging away!
    There are so many things to learn with all this that sometimes I wonder when it is that my head is going to get full! But at least I can count on you guys keeping me on the straight and narrow! At least I hope I can! If nobody shows up I can get just as weird as I like… I guess!
    Well I have to get back out to the TTW and do some last minute shopping!
    Merry Christmas to all
    and happy Friday to the rest!

  3. February 18 and I am still stumbling around here trying to figure up from down! I am slowly starting to understand some stuff… and a whole bunch more leaves me scratching my head!
    Suggestions and tips are always welcome!
    I am gone to absorb more…

  4. April already! And worse yet May is just around the corner!
    I think things are coming together not too bad, but of course that is talking about something that constantly changes anyway!

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